The Workshop


Some action photo's taken in the workshop:


Workshop Flattop bracing


This is the top of a Jumbo flattop guitar. I'm gluing the bracing, when this is done I'll work on the bracing in order to get a good balance between stiffness and sound by bending, tapping and listening.



Jumbo flattop head


Here's one way to create a slotted head. Check out the abalone inlay



Flat top body neck joint


One of the most important steps in the building of the guitar, the neck - body joint. The joint has been made in such a way that it's hard to release it again after a dry fit. Before gluing it I'll check if the neck has the right angle.



archtop top scarving


One of my favorite jobs, although it is hard work: the carving of the back of an archtop guitar. It doesn't get more handmade than this.


archtop binding


And here's the gluing of the binding. Binding is of Brazilian rosewood (Rio), nice figure and this piece was particular hard to bent. A slot has been made so that the abalone can be fit in at a later stage