Below you find some answers to questions that I received and that might be helpful, however don't hesitate to contact me if your question is not in (see Contact).


Are you a full time Luthier?

> No I actually have a full time job, hence why it takes about a year to finish a guitar and absorb about all my free time.


What kind of finish do you apply?

> I only use French Polish (shellac). I used Nitro Cellulose in the past, however there are a few downsides:

it is toxic, you can't easily repair it if you scratch your guitar and it simply doesn't shine like French Polish


What if I want an extraordinary shaped guitar?

> Feel free to challenge me. However do keep in mind that there are technical or sound wise limitations in what you can do.


What kind of materials do you use?

> Wood: Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple, Cedar, Spruce, Koa, Zebrano, Swamp Ash, .....

> Inlay: all kind of wood, mother of pearl, abalone.....


Do you have a stock of wood?

> I have a relatively small, but selected stock to allow me to use well aged / dried wood.


Any of these guitars for sale?

> Yes, however my Jumbo Flattop is not for sale. Deep purple (PRS style), archtop accoustic 1 and archtop marked with PG (Gretsch Style 2) are sold; please mail me for latest status on availabilty of guitars.


What about prices?

> Please check with me and I'll be happy to give more information on available guitars or on a custom guitar to be build according to your specifications