Yours Truly


Since 19 years I have been focussing on handcrafting guitars, mostly steelstring (solidbody, archtop, flattop & Bass) and nylon sting guitars. Since 2015 I also started building Violins & Double Bass.

It all started with my first guitar which remained unmodified for almost 3 months, but it got serious as soon as I was able to follow guitar and violin building lessons in the 'Centrum for musical instruments building' (centrum voor muziekinstrumentenbouw) in Puurs, Belgium. A fantastic and inspiring place, to get started and more....

All of my guitars are unique designs, handcrafted, have custom inlay and... take about a year to finish.


Marc Cox at the concert


Tuning my Jumbo flattop just before the "Akoestiek zonder gezwets" concert. So not only building but also playing on my instruments, the proof is eating the pudding.


Marc Cox Archtop Guitar at the Concert

My acoustic Archtop (with floating Benedetto pickup)

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